David Arndts

Co-Founder, COO

David began his career in the construction industry close to 20 years ago as a construction inspector for the insurance market.  His responsibilities included evaluating damage, preparation of cost estimates and contractor proposals as well as having oversight of the reconstructive work.  With this experience and industry knowledge, David joined KOW Building Consultants in 2006 as a Construction Consultant which allowed him to expand his construction expertise into the affordable to luxury multi-family, education, health care and commercial markets located throughout the country.

David wanted to bring his meticulous focus on detail and his advanced problem solving skills into a more challenging role, and together with Mr. Nicholas Strachovsky, founded K.O.W. Arma Development Company in January 2015.  Since then, David has successfully worked with many clients on all aspects of a construction project from pre-construction project planning through close-out and issuance of Temporary and Final Certificate of Occupancy.

David is an Accredited Professional with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and previously held NYS licensure in real estate appraisal, home inspection and Code Enforcement.  Current associations include the Mortgage Bankers’ Association of New York.