Kenneth F. Wille

Co-Founder, Partner

Kenneth F. Wille joined KOW Building Consultants in 1998 and has been the President and CEO since 2003.  He is one of the founding members of K.O.W. Arma Development Consultants. 

Mr. Wille brings over 25 years’ experience in building and construction consulting and it is under his direction that KOW Building Consultants grew from a local, five-person firm to a national player.  Mr. Wille began his career working for an environmental engineering research company before joining KOW in 1998.  He has training and certifications in a variety of disciplines including engineering Green Building Engineer, LEED AP, Certified Energy Manager, GPro, Existing Building Commissioning Professional and Certified Construction Inspector.  He is a Professional Engineer (PE) in New York, Connecticut and Maryland.  Aside from running KOW and helping K.O.W. Arma to grow, he performs seminars often for various types of banks and financial institutions. 

Mr. Wille a Bachelor of Science from The Pennsylvania State University in both Civil Engineering and Management.  He resides in St. James, New York with his wife, Lani, and children Kerrick and Annabelle.