Nicholas Strachovsky

Co-Founder, CEO

Nicholas co-founded K.O.W. ARMA Development Consultants with David Arndts, in January 2015.  Originally a division of KOW Building Consultants, K.O.W. ARMA has since grown and became a standalone corporation in January 2018.   K.O.W. ARMA takes all the insight and innovation from 40 years of providing Lender due diligence and adapts it to provide industry leading oversight to building Owners/Developers/Investors.  Nicholas has worked diligently to help develop methods of project oversight and management based on this invaluable experience.

Nicholas has over 20 years of design and construction experience.  Mr. Strachovsky began his career as a Project Architect focusing primarily on the commercial, healthcare, and housing sectors.  During that time, he gained valuable design, construction, and leadership experience in a multitude of project types and roles.  In 2010 Nicholas joined KOW Building Consultants.  Originally hired to perform pre-construction due diligence work, Nicholas quickly adapted to perform all services KOW offered.  He became responsible for many of the company’s most challenging projects up and down the east coast.  During his time with KOW they would perform Owner Representation Services at client request. Many of these projects were assigned to Nicholas because of his background in architecture and construction administration.  This work and industry need led to the formation of Arma.

Mr. Strachovsky holds a Bachelor of Architecture from New York Institute of Technology with voluntary minors in AutoCAD and Construction Management.  He is actively pursuing his license in architecture and holds a multitude of certifications including NYC Site Supervisor.